World Heart Day 2013

Five Things to Do on World Heart Day

That is one feel like saying to its heart when the World Heart Day comes closer. It is officially announced that 29th September is to be celebrated as World Heart Day.

This day is celebrated realizing what a great run one had with its most important organ in his or her body.

The major cause of this official day is to educate about its care, treatment and prevention from any disease. However the educating campaigns have been one too many and people have lost their interest in theses important campaigns.

As a human being, one should feel liable to inform others about heart diseases and how to take care of it.

To get people attention the campaign or educating them about healthy heart can be done creatively in many ways, all around the world.


Here are few examples of creative things that you can do on the WORLD HEART DAY and make it a great educating campaign as well, while enjoying

1. Arrange a marathon – It is more like friends running together. Let your social media help you here and gather lot of your friends for this healthy cause and ask them to take a run with you for a length. Wear red t-shirt presenting heart; with this you will easily get attention of lot of people.

Spread the words over your Facebook account or other social media account about this day and ask everyone possible to join the moment.

2. A heart flash mob – Flash mob is great way to celebrate this eventful day and to spread the word too. These days flash mob videos are easily spread over the web so plan a dance flash mob with your friends and other dance group. It will highlight the cause and a great fun thing to do too. Your heart will love it too.

3. A social media campaign but outdoor– now that most of the population is socializing with each other over the web the best thing to do on a world hear day would be to arrange playful outdoor events.

Reach out to as many people as possible and arrange an event in your area where every one could come, meet each other and be thankful of their healthy heart.

You can collaborate with social service organization and try to bring this event on a big scale. Involve college, school and your neighborhood.

A big teamwork would be needed to bring this picture to life but if one can think it, one can do it and with a panache.

4. Enjoy the day – Or you can just be with your family or you can visit some blind school or facilities like these, meet the kids and people over there and have a great day. Buy them presents or cook food for them. Inform them about how to keep ones’ heart healthy.

There are lot many thing you can on WORLD HEART DAY and make a day out of it. The main reason is for you to enjoy while you do all these stuff. See which stuff works for you. Don’t forget to be healthy and have a healthy heart.