Birthday Gift Ideas for a Special Debutant


Celebrating our birthdays around our families is a lot more different for a girl turning 18 years of age because that age is where the used to be a little girl will bloom from being in the midst of her puberty and teenage life.

I, myself experienced this kind of stage wherein they surprised me with a simple dinner party. Simple yet meaningful because i was being given the blessing to entertain suitors and it may sounds so silly yet exciting. Funny it may seem but it is true.

Simple celebration may vary according to trends these days. Below are the ideas that may help you choose on what to give your debutant the best gift ever.


The trend for today was still the typical party but to make it more grand and meaningful they do it with a themed-party for the debutant. Just like the teleserye  at ABS-CBN “Ina, Kapatid, Anak” wherein, the debutant twins namely Celine and Margaux celebrated their 18th birthday with a butterfly theme.

From the invitation itself up to their party gowns butterflies are visible. Others do it Hawaiian-themed party wherein, the venue of the party may take place at a beach resorts or swimming pool. Matching with a typical dance the “cotillion de honour” wherein they will be dancing with male partners, aside from the 18 roses add to it some 18 symbolic gifts, wines, and anything under the sun whatever the debutant would like to add.

Upgrade ‘Em Up

Gadgets are hot trends these days; everyone talks about pads, tabs, iphones, smartphones and android phones. Do you really want to make it special? Upgrade her gadgets, buy her the thing that she might love to have. It may cost you a lot but for her that was really cool! J

Formal Dinner

If you want to celebrate it simple well, reserve a family dinner ahead on an elegant yet affordable restaurant for this one-time event. Some girls don’t want their 18th birthday party to be so loud. So, family dinner is the best way. Nowadays, online sites provide promo that can help you cut your budget.

Girl’s Bestfriend

You might be asking what could that be? It might be a pet, or dress but nope they’re not. We are talking about jewels here, yes jewels! This could be the best idea maybe as they all say “diamonds are girl’s bestfriend”.

It could be a ring, earring, bracelet or a simple necklace for sure this will make her day. Not so practical but as it stays longer the value gets higher, some sort of an investment. Costly but stays forever.


This was the most precious gift you could ever give to your special debutant, to spend the special day with her. Plan your sched ahead and reserve this day for her. A simple bonding together can create a lasting memory forever.

To make it more fun and  meaningful why don’t you take her to a usual place you visit together, the places you used to visit before.

Try a “Pigar-pigar” (beef stew with broccoli) dinner, eat fishball at your favorite fishball vendor or even a “kwek-kwek”(one-day old duck)  or “tokneneng” (quail egg) partner it with a very refreshing “samalamig”. The party maybe simple it’s affordable and most of all so memorable.

Grand or simple celebration it maybe, ladies treasure each moment of their lives forever. It’s not the value that counts but the thought. So, good luck and shake that party out!

Image: Gift by Petr Kratochvil
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